Showcasing a blend of lo and hi fidelity textures, Rusty Dusty seeks to seamlessly intertwine folk rock and echo-laden fuzz rock into a new, self dubbed, genre "Acid Americana". 


Formed in 2015, Rusty Dusty frequented the San Marcos music scene in backyard parties and tucked away venues. Dusty caught local ears through numerous singles including “Come Over” (2016) and “Black Dog” (2017), cementing their act with release of a debut album, “The No Good Serpentine Funtime Mosaic Experience” in 2018. 

Through numerous lineup changes, Rusty Dusty comfortably settled into a lineup composed of Travis Roper (guitar, vocals), Bryce Brown (guitar, vocals), JohnE Bowers (drums), John McIntyre (bass) and Quinn Decker (piano, guitar, vocals). 

Rusty Dusty’s second self - released LP, “Cleanse”, was made public March 1st, 2020. Their Sophomore LP intends to traverse the listener through the ins and outs of dissonance and clarity, voyaging a world of rich guitar tones laced with powerful vocal melodies. A shimmering wall of sound welcomes moments of introspection.

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