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Rusty Dusty formed upon the dawn of 2015 in San Marcos, Texas, a town of rivers, trains, and rock n roll. They rumble with the thumping rhythms of drummer JohnE "Thrust" Bowers and bassist David "WingStan" Russell. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Travis "Oopsy" Roper is accompanied on the front lines of stages, studios, and house floors by dual lead guitarists Pat "Pixieslick" Ford and Bryce "Lap Happenin" Brown. Rusty Dusty released their debut self-titled EP in 2016 followed by 2017’s single “Black Dog.” In March 2018 the five-piece released their debut full length album--a blend of gritty guitars with lush vocal harmonies--the melodic, chaotic carnival of “The No Good Serpentine Funtime Mosaic Experience”, recorded at MAP Studios. They are currently actively gigging around central Texas and writing and recording new songs.